We're delighted that you're interested in learning more about Art Stage Collective!

We're pleased to say that it's a collective that offers a wide range of activities!

In 2019, one of the initial services provided by the Collective was the art of tattooing with the establishment of Art Stage Tattoo. The Collective hosts experienced tattoo artists who execute the art of tattooing with custom designs. This enables those interested in tattoo art to bring their desired designs to life in a professional manner.

Exhibitions and stand-up performances are an integral part of Art Stage Collective. The Collective brings art enthusiasts together by showcasing the works and stage performances of local and international artists. Hosting the works and stage performances of artists working in various disciplines, it offers diverse art experiences. Enjoyable snacks like coffee, beer, and pizza are also essential elements of Art Stage Collective. The Collective brings people together through social events and provides art experiences in a more enjoyable and pleasurable atmosphere. It also offers the opportunity to explore different aspects of art through various activities.

Art Stage Collective also offers a variety of experiences such as cocktail parties, workshops, and music events.

Cocktail parties allow you to enjoy a pleasant time in the energetic atmosphere of the collective. Specially crafted cocktails prepared by expert bartenders and mixologists provide art enthusiasts with a relaxing social environment.

Workshops are events organized with the aim of sharing the collective's knowledge and experiences. You can receive education about various art techniques, interact with artists, and discover your own creative abilities.

Music events provide a platform for celebrating the power of music with live performances and DJ sets by Art Stage Collective. You can explore different music genres and dance to the rhythm of art.

Art Stage Collective is one of Turkey's leading art and lifestyle collectives. It's a dynamic living space where artists from different disciplines come together to share and create.

It's a community that believes in the power and impact of art. It's aware of the potential of art to inspire, provoke thought, and transform individuals. Therefore, as a collective, it aims to make art accessible to everyone and to support art and artists in society.

Our Principles

Events like special themed parties.
live music performances and trivia
nights that make every day special
we are organizing.

Various beverage options

Expression through tattoo art

Special themed events

Our tattoo artists are here to help you create the design you've been dreaming of. We believe that art should also find a place in the body.

We offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options. It is also possible to stay awake with our fresh coffee !