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The events offered by Art Stage Collective are truly diverse! The collective strives to bring art lovers together and offer different experiences. Here are some events a few examples.


Stand-up: Stand up shows that appeal to comedy lovers are among the events organized by Art Stage Collective. With entertaining performances of comedians you can have a pleasant night.

Tattoo Art

The collective hosts experienced tattoo artists who perform tattoo art with special designs. Our tattoo artists are here to help you create your dream design and bring it to life.

black and silver coffee maker
black and silver coffee maker

The collective offers a special experience for coffe lovers. You can have a pleasent coffe experience with delicious coffees prepared by expert baristas.



If you are good with beers, you can attend art stage collective beer events. Experience different beers and spend time with your friends in a pleasent environment offers the opportunity to spend.


The collective organizes different workshops for those interested in art. In these workshops you can receive training on art techniques, interact with artists and improve your creativity.

We don't like to end
the fun !